Hotarubi no Mori E (2011)

Simple but powerful storytelling, and gorgeous, gorgeous animation.

Favorite scene:

When they can finally touch each other and she runs to hug him for the first and last time—a solid, warm presence that she can now actually feel, finally, finally. But the warmth fades and the body slowly dissolves under her fingertips, leaving her grasping an empty yukata on the ground, crying her heart out. Intense happiness fading into despair, as quickly as he’s slipping out of her life.

And then you remember that time earlier when she told him not to touch her and cried, and he just knelt down opposite her and looked at her, and you thought you understood how much he wanted to touch her then. And now you realize how sad it is that he never manages to comfort her when she’s crying, even though it’s probably one of the things that he wants to do the most.